I currently live between Mexico City and Lake Tahoe, California.

Master of Visual Arts (UNAM) Mexico, Bachelor of Fine Arts Chelsea School of Arts in London and Complutense University of Madrid and Institut des Beaux-Arts st Luc Brussels.

Scholarship (UNAM) Masters in Visual Arts, and Agency of Cooperation and Development of the Mexican Government in Mexico. Art Residences at Casa Wabi, Mexico, Carpe Diem, Portugal and Entrecanales Foundation in Palma de Mallorca, Casa Velázquez in Madrid, Spain.Prizes; Alcobendas Art Center for the Photoespaña festival in Madrid, Talent of the newspaper El País and Honorable Mention Fnac and short listed best photobook photoespaña contest 2019.

Exhibitions at the Cultural Center of Spain in Mexico, Siqueiros Public Art Room, MUAC in Mexico City, Spanish School in Paris, Sala Alcalá 31, Matadero, El Águila in Madrid, Center for the Arts, Laboral of Gijón, Museums Conde Duque, Tomás y Valiente and Reina Sofia of Madrid, Museo Costagnino de Rosario, Argentina, Matucana 100 in Santiago de Chile. I have exhibited at the Galeries La Taché, Carles Taché, Vacío 9 and  New Galerie in Spain, Usagexterne in Brussels and Paris, Butzlab in Hamburg and EXIT and Lahydra in Mexico City. Artfairs; Arco, Madrid Photo, MacoFoto, Voices Off, Unseen, ParisPhoto, PhotoMiami. Head Chef of the laboratory for Alberto García-Alix and Chema Madoz. 
 My artistic practice has always been linked to places of passage: spaces and cities that I have temporarily inhabited and in which I have shared spaces with other women who followed trajectories similar to mine. The works I made between 2003 and 2015 were photography projects, and only photography. The series Golden West and Reno (Reno, Nevada, USA); Siwah (Ibiza, Spain) and Raval-Berlin (Barcelona and Berlin, Germany) revolve around the portrait of these nomadic women, whose lives are associated with precariousness, migration and spectacle. These series were ways of approaching a space of images dominated by archetypal representations of the feminine. Against this imaginary, I approached my practice as a playful exercise carried out together with them, in which we played with the re-employment of appearances and social gestures.

My arrival in Mexico City in 2015 marks the beginning of a change of trajectory in the way I approach my practice and, above all, the materials and means of expression.  My work has been moving away from the strictly photographic and I have approached other ways of considering the relationship with the body and the image: thus, I have changed the photo shoot for the workshop or class, the posed for physical work, and photography for the video record of various activities. However, I maintain one of the axes that have defined my work since my first series: a willingness to confront, invert, or simply play with dominant codes that govern our social interaction and determine our positions according to gender.  
Mobility grant from the Ramon LLULL Institute of Barcelona, Catalonia.
Shortlisted for the exhibition Gender: Blurred at Almanaque Gallery as best exhibition of the year by the Lucie Foundation. 
Award from the Upstate California Creative Corps(2023/2024), California, USA.
Finalist for the Enaire Foundation International Photography Award, Spain.
Accesit City of Barcelona Award.

Grant for creation in visual arts of the Community of Madrid, awarded by the Community of Madrid, Madrid, 2022.
Finalist for the Pilar Citoler International Photography Award, Spain.

Award granted by the promotion of Culture of the Community of Madrid and PhotoEspaña.
Production and exhibition of the exhibition The Mexicanas at the Sala El Águila.
PhotoEspaña 2021.
Grant of the University of Cadiz. University Extension of the Vice-rectorate of Culture for the realization of the editorial project «The Mexicanas» and production of the individual exhibition at Sala Kursala, Cadiz, Spain.
PICE Grant AC/E Programme for the Internationalization of Spanish Culture (PICE)
FONCA grant for the production of the piece «I want to dance as Tongolele», Mexico
Shortlisted PHOTOESPAÑA Photo Festival. Best photobook published by a foreign editorial (Hydra/Inframundo)
Grant Scholarship. Master Degree in Fine Arts. National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) Mexico City
Grant Scholarship. Artistic creation scholarship from the Office of Cooperation and Development. Government of Mexico, Mexico.
Grant residency at CASA WABI FOUNDATION. Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca de Juárez, Mexico.
Grant Art residency at Carpe Diem Arte E Pesquisa, Lisbon, Portugal.
Grant Scholarship. Artistic creation scholarship from the Office of Cooperation and Development. Government of Mexico, Mexico.
Finalist Grant Residency at «Casa Velázquez», Madrid, Spain.
Finalist Grant «Arte y Desarrollo», Madrid, Spain.
Grant artist residency Fundación Entrecanales, Palma de Mallorca, Spain.
Artistic production grant for production and exhibition by Centro de Arte Alcobendas, Madrid, Spain.
Honourable Mention Fnac Photo Prize, Spain.
Post graduated scholarship. Institut Superiéur des Beaux-Arts st Luc, Brussels, Belgium.
Bachelor of Fine Arts by Complutense University of Madrid. Degree in Fine Arts. Madrid, Spain.
Foundation Course at Chelsea School of Arts. London, U.K.

Salón Silicón, Mexico City, Mexico.
Museo de la Ciudad , Mexico City, Mexico.
Mujer Platillo, La Hydra, Mexico City, Mexico.
The Mexicanas, Sala Kursala, Cádiz, Spain.
Pájaras, La Taché Gallery, Barcelone, Spain.
The Mexicanas, PhotoEspaña 2021, El Águila Exhibition room, Madrid, Spain.
I want to dance Like Tongolele, Libertad Gallery, Enfoque 2020 PhotoFair, Santiago de Querétaro, Querétaro, Mexico.
I want to dance Like Tongolele, Photo Fair FotoVisión 2019, Centro de las Artes San Luís Potosí, San Luís Potosí, Mexico.
Mambo lesson, Centro Cultural De España en México, Mexico City, Mexico.
No es mesa, Photoespaña 2016, Centro Cultural Tomás y Valiente, Madrid, Spain.
Carpe Diem Arte E Pesquisa, Lisbon, Portugal.
Cleopatra Stomp, AVAM Space at «Matadero», Madrid, Spain.
Center of Art Laboral, Gijón, Spain.
Raval Berlin à Paris, Colegio De España in Paris, Paris, France
Golden West, Exhibition Grant awarded By Centro de Arte Alcobendas. PhotoEspaña 2013, Madrid, Spain.
Raval-Berlín, La Taché Gallery, Barcelone, Spain.
EGO, Exhibition Room Alcalá 31, Madrid, Spain.
Photoespaña 2007, Vacionueve Gallery, Madrid, Spain.
Waiting on you, Butzlab Gallery, Hamburg, Germany.
Ella ama, Vacío 9 Gallery, Madrid, Spain.
Once upon in Paris, Usagexterne Gallery, Paris, France.
Mis mujeres exquisitas, Usagexterne Gallery, Brussels, Belgium.
Mis mujeres exquisitas, Usagexterne Gallery, Paris, France.
Real Jardín Botánico de Madrid,Finalist for the Enaire Foundation International Photography Award, Madrid, Spain.
Banquete, La Fábrica Gallery, Madrid, España.
FotoNoviembre, Tenerife, Canary Island, España.
Blurry gender, Almanaque Gallery, Mexico City, Mexico.
Entre amigos. Gabinete de fotografía EXIT, Curated by Rosa Olivares, Mexico City, Mexico.
ZonaMaco, La Hydra Gallery, Mexico City, Mexico.
Printed Matters, La Hydra Gallery, LA, USA.
Banquete, La Fábrica, Madrid, Spain.
Printed matters, La Hydra Gallery, NY
Material Art Fair. Salón Silicón Gallery, Salón Silicón, Mexico City. Mexico.
FOTO WIEN. La Hydra Gallery, Wien, Austria.
Entre amigos, Exit Gallery. Curated by Rosa Olivares. Mexico City. Mexico.
Pilar Citoler Photography award. Cordoba, Spain.
Queereme. Salón Silicón. Curated by Nerea Ubieto and Salón Silicón. Mexico City, México.
Queereme. Factoría de arte y desarrollo. Curated by Nerea Ubieto in collaboration with Arte informado and David Trullo. Madrid, Spain.
ArtPhoto Barcelona. Ars Santa Mónica. Carles Taché Gallery. Barcelona.
ZonaMaco Art Fair, Salón Silicón, Mexico City, Mexico.
Acción por el arte, curated by Alejandro Castellote, Madrid, Spain.
Entre amigos, Exit Gallery, curated by Rosa Olivares, Mexico City, Mexico.
Printed Matter´s art Book Fair, MOMA PS1, N.Y, USA.
Les Rencontres dÁrles, Photo Fair, Arles, France.
Biblioteca Nacional de España, Photoespaña 2019, Madrid, Spain.
LA Art Fair, La Hydra Gallery (Mexico), L.A, USA.
Folio photo festival, Centro de la Imagen, Mexico City, Mexico.
ZonaMaco Art Fair, La Hydra Gallery, Mexico City, Mexico.
PARISPHOTO, La Hydra Gallery (Mexico), Paris, France.
The family of no man, Les Rencontres d`Arles, Arles, France.
Modelo colectivo para una institución afectiva, Sala Arte Público Siqueiros, Mexico City, Mexico.
About Fotolibro, La Hydra, Curated by Ana Casas, Mexico City, Mexico.
Unseen Fair, La Hydra (Mexico City), Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Macofoto, La Hydra Gallery, Mexico City, Mexico.
Escuela de Arte Útil, with Tania Bruguera, MUAC, Mexico City, Mexico.
Capital Animal, Sala Las Cigarreras, Alicante, Spain.
MacoFoto, Exit Gallery, Mexico City
From Madonna to Madonna, Castagnino Museum, Rosario, Argentina.
Capital Animal, Casa Encendida, Curated by Rafa Doctor, Madrid, Spain.
Descubrimientos PhotoEspaña. PhotoEspaña Photo Fair 2016, Madrid, Spain.
From Madonna to Madonna, Centro Cultural Matucana, Santiago de Chile, Chile.
Tijuana International Photo Festival,  Tijuana, México
ZonaMaco ArtFestival, Slowtrack Gallery, Mexico City, Mexico.
Solo Project Site Specific Antara ZonaMacoMacoFoto. Curated by Pablo Del Val, Mexico City, Mexico.
Avam Prize video session with the piece  Cleopara Stomp, MNCARS. National Museum Of Contemporary Art Queen Reina Sofía. Madrid, Spain
Voices OFF, Reencontres de la Photographie, Arles, France.
PhotoEspaña 2014, Telefónica Fundation, Curated by Alejandro Castellote y Nerea Ubieto, Madrid, Spain.
Center of Art Laboral, Gijón, Asturias, Spain.
Arco Art Fair, Carles Taché Gallery, Barcelone, Spain.
La New Gallery, Madrid, Spain.
ARCO, La Taché Gallery, Barcelone, Spain.
Paddle 8. New York, U.S.A.
From Madonna to Madonna, Da2 Museum, Salamanca, Spain.
Centro Cultural De España in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
ARCO. Carles Taché Gallery. Barcelona, Spain.
ARCO. Carles Taché Gallery, Barcelona, Spain
Porfolios collection with Albero García-Alix, Ramón Massats, Luis Baylón, Javier Camapano, Manel Esclusa, Bernard Plossu, Nicolás Combarro y Paola Bragado. Carles Taché Gallery, Barcelona, Spain.
ARCO Art Fair. Vacío 9 Gallery. Madrid.
ZonaMACO ART FAIR. Vacío nueve Gallery, México City, Mexico
ARCO. Vacío 9 Gallery, Madrid, Spain
Tiempos de crisis. Edición Madrid, Madrid, Spain.
Compémentaires. Photography. Vacío 9 Gallery, Madrid, Spain.
II Edition Complutense University Foundation of Fine Arts Award. Museum of Antropology of Madrid, Madrid, Spain.
Mujer e igualdad Show. Conde Duque Museum, Madrid, Spain.
I Edition Complutense University Foundation of Fine Arts Award. Museum of Antropology of Madrid, Madrid, Spain.
Final show, Chelsea School of Arts. London, U.K.

Coordination Exhibition,  Accidents in the border, by artists Nico Munuera and Carlos Maciá. Marso Foundation, Mexico City, Mexico. Pice Grant
Direction and coordination for the piece Pu. Collaboration of the artist Carlos Maciá for the brand Purificación García México. Stand for Maco Foto Mexico, Purificación García Boutique in Antara and Palacio de Hierro de Polanco.
Photo direction » Reconstructions » Luís Úrculo, Video Piece at Met Museum, NY
Head chef of the laboratory for Chema Madoz
Head chef of the laboratory for Alberto García-Alix
Exhibition and catalogue coordination Chema Madoz exhibition Rencontres D Árles, Árles, France.
Editorial coordination:
» Ars combinatoria » Catalogue, Chema Madoz exhibition, La Pedrera, Barcelone, Spain
Editorial coordination:
Catalogue Chema Madoz exhibition Hermitage Museum Kazan, Russia
Editorial coordination:
Chema Madoz at “ Chema Madoz “ International House of Photography, Moscú, Russia
Editorial coordination:
“Siempre el mismo cielo” Alberto García-Alix. Carles Taché Gallery. Barcelone, Spain
“Far from home” Alberto García-Alix and Daido Moriyama. Kamel Mennour Gallery, París, France
“De donde no se vuelve” Alberto García-Alix. Nationa Museum Of Contemporary Art Queen Reina Sofía. Madrid, Spain
“Moriremos mirando” . Alberto García-Alix. La Fábrica Editorial, Madrid, Spain
Production coordination:
“La línea de sombra.” Nicolás Combarro exhibition. Moriarty Gallery, Madrid, Spain
“De donde no se vuelve..” Alberto García-Alix. Show. MNCARS.National Museum Of Contemporary Art Queen Reina Sofía, Madrid, Spain
Still image for the film “De dónde no se vuelve” written and directed by Alberto García-Alix.
Editorial coordination:
“Siempre el mismo cielo” Alberto García-Alix. Carles Taché Gallery. Barcelona, Spain.
Regular contributor to Rolling Stone, FM, MTV, Ruta 66, Rojo (Barcelona), Onboard (Chamonix), Tendencias, Vanidad and Neo 2 magazines and national newspaper El Pais.
Backstage photographer for EGO de Cibeles in Madrid Cibeles Fashion Week for sponsor CocaCola.
Contributor to Record Companies: EMI Music, Virgin Music, Universal Music, Subterfuge, El Volcán, Locomotive and SZNA Records for CD
Covers and promo photos for bands such as Sex Museum, G-5 and Kiko Veneno, Los Delincuentes, Los Coronas, Pitingo, La vacazul, El buho real, Poliéster, Loca María, Conchita, Hanna, La ley de Murphy, Adrede and Josete, for the Record Company: EMI Music, Virgin Music, Universal Music, Subterfuge, El Volcán, Locomotive and SZNA Records