Ciudad de México, 2022

Woman saucer: What do you think, it was yellow. Corresponds to my last production in Mexico City around the figure of the Fichera. Since my arrival in Mexico, the workshop form has increasingly influenced my work, pushing me to use photography as a tool and medium for the construction of my artistic practice. To this end, I began to think of bodily actions in which any idea of posing could be discarded.

To this process corresponds, Lección de mambo(2018) first piece in which I recorded yoga sessions during a year which I practiced with the workers of a cabaret in the City. Quiero bailar como Tongolele(2019), in which I turn the cabaret Barba Azul into a dance school where the girls teach mambo and cha cha chá. And Mujer Platillo; Qué crees, quedó amarillo, the last in the series. In this one I incorporate the same group of women protagonists of the previous pieces, to the ceramic courses of one of the subjects of the postgraduate building of the UNAM, in which I was granted a scholarship to study a master’s degree in Visual Arts. In addition, following the same procedure that we were used to in the cabaret, each one of them gave a dance class at the beginning of the workshop to the rest of the students and teachers.

This process was recorded and formed an installation Mujer Platillo: Qué crees, quedó amarillo, with a series of slides projected on the ceramic pieces made in the workshops, and the sound material of the process. The images and voices are intentionally superimposed, as a result of the same way of producing images that I develop in Mexico in which I use the double exposure technique as a way of registering the chaos that makes up Mexico City, and where I give importance to chance as a way of understanding the city and the creation of my own images.

This randomness makes more sense, if possible, in the pandemic. For a year and a half there is no more slide developer in the whole city. A technician who develops my photographic material informed me that he had gotten one, which was rare. When I wrote to him to ask what had come out, he replied, «What do you think? – what do you think, it came out yellow.

Technical data;

Installation composed of three KODAK slide projectors, two sound pieces reproduced in a loop (each speaker on either side of the projections), and 30 ceramic pieces of plates, small statues, and various objects made during a series of workshops.
The attached link shows a 10.28 minute montage of the superimposition of the images produced by the projectors, and fragments of the two sound pieces that are reproduced at the same time.

I also attach images of the mounted piece where it is projected on the ceramic pieces in a space of 4 x 5 square meters. These measures are variable.