Quiero bailar como Tongolele (2018), a two-channel video installation, is the last of the works made at Barba Azul Cabaret. Since the end of 2017, we started to change the dynamics of yoga classes. I have never known how to dance Latin rhythms, so I proposed to invert the relationship between master and apprentice and continue with sessions in which Maria Guadalupe, Martha or Teresita would teach me how to dance cumbia, mambo and cha cha cha. Tongolele («Mi mamita dice que no quiere / Que yo baile como Tongolele / Que me mueva como Tongolele», says the song) was also thought of in a different way: this time, I organized a day of shooting at Barba Azul, behind closed doors, at the beginning of March 2018. We also thought of a small structure where each of the teachers would dedicate a part of the class to a dance technique and choose their favorite songs. The Barba Azul’s orquestra was put at the service of our class, performed and filmed behind closed doors, for the pleasure of working and dancing together.