My artistic practice has always been linked to places of passage: spaces and cities that I have temporarily inhabited and in which I have shared spaces with other women who followed trajectories similar to mine. The works I made between 2003 and 2015 were photography projects, and only photography. The series Golden West and Reno (Reno, Nevada, USA), in which I portray women of origin whose work as striptease dancers in Reno (Nevada), has provided them with an avenue of independence in a landscape of little choice. This series reflects on the special male-female relationships that, with the addition of the emigration factor, are promoted in today’s world.

It is, at the same time, the first series of several works that revolve around the portrait of these nomadic women, whose lives are associated with precariousness, migration and spectacle.  I use photographic narrative as a method of approaching a space of images dominated by archetypal representations of the feminine. Against this imaginary, I set out my practice as a playful exercise carried out together with them, in which we play with the re-employment of appearances and social gestures.