Mujer platillo; Qué crees, quedó amarillo. 2022

Ciudad de México, 2022 Mujer platillo; Qué crees, quedó amarillo. Ciudad de México, 2022. from Paola Bragado León on Vimeo. Woman saucer: What do you think, it was yellow. Corresponds to my last production in Mexico City around the figure of the Fichera. Since my arrival in Mexico, the workshop form has increasingly influenced my […]

Conquista mariachi, un tigre de bengala y un cowboy chino. 2022

This serie is the result of fortuitous encounters of spaces, figures and gestures on strips of images. It has been made in places as disparate as the northern mountains of Madrid, the casinos of Reno (Nevada), in the United States, or the streets, squares and food markets of Mexico City. Taken between 2017 and 2021, each celluloid […]